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KID-INSPIRED RAGE. Did you ever spank or slap your kids? Ever think about it? In an op-ed piece in the NY Times, Katherine Ellison, author of "Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention," reflects on violence in the home, a reflection precipitated by a horrific event in the news. Find it
NAGC WEBINARS. On a list of upcoming NAGC "Webinars on Wednesdays," we notice that on April 27th the topic is "Twice Exceptional: The Curious Dilemmas that Occur at the Intersection of Gifted and Special Education" The presenter is Shelagh Gallagher, of Engaged Education in Charlotte, North Carolina. Find out more about "WOW."
AD/HD COACHING. Another recent article on the topic is at the Seattle Times website, featuring thoughts from coaches and "coachees." Read the article which mentions the Edge Foundation, "a Seattle-based nonprofit that matches ADHD students with coaches who, through weekly meetings by phone or Skype, teach them the skills to make college worth the money and time."
FREE SPIRIT PUBLISHING. If you're a fan of this company's offerings on topics such as giftedness and self-help for young people, be aware that the company now offers many titles as e-books. Find out more
KID-SAFE SOCIAL NETWORK? A new site,, purports to offer safe social networking for kids 13 and under. The subscription-based site uses technology such as biometric facial recognition technology; the computer's webcam is used to verify that the person logging in is actually the child who is registered for the site. If your young person is longing to get involved online, you might check out the site at the site's parent resource center.  
STRESS, ANXIETY, AND DEPRESSION. The stress hormone cortisol is abnormally high in some children with behavior problems, abnormally low in others. Now researchers think the difference is caused by the length of time the children have experienced problems, and that the stress response can be blunted over time. This leads them to suggest that interventions should begin as soon as behavior problems begin. Read more.
ENERGY DRINKS: A CAUTION. Energy drinks may pose a risk for serious adverse health effects in some children, especially those with diabetes, seizures, cardiac abnormalities or mood and behavior disorders. A new study, “Health Effects of Energy Drinks on Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults,” in the March issue of Pediatrics, determined that energy drinks have no therapeutic benefit to children, and both the known and unknown properties of the ingredients, combined with reports of toxicity, may put some children at risk for adverse health events. You may read an abstract of the article on the Pediatrics site; you may read another report about the research here
AND FINALLY, THIS. Scooby-Doo had dissociative identity disorder. That's the conclusion of a writer in Wired Magazine who analyzes the characters in this early cartoon series. Find out how he diagnoses Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, and others.