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SCHOOL GIVES ME A HEADACHE. For many kids, the start of school might stimulate the recurrence of migraine headaches. According to an article in The New York Times, factors triggering the headaches might include changes to the sleep schedule, skipping breakfast, dehydration, or weather changes. The article tells more about the mechanism and treatment of migraines in young people; read it. Separately, an item in Science Daily reported the first-ever genetic risk factor associated with common types of migraine headaches; read more.

BACK-TO-SCHOOL TIP. In the Washington Post, Daniel Willingham, the cognitive scientist who doesn't believe in learning styles, does offer his most important advice for parents of kids gearing up for school. That advice is: make sure they get enough sleep. He notes, "In adolescents, poor sleep quality is associated with depression, anxiety, inattention, conduct problems, drug and alcohol abuse and impaired cognitive function." Sounds like a regular 2e day. Read the article.

HERBS AND AD/HD. David Rabiner, in the most recent issue of Attention Research Update, reviewed a study of herbal treatment for AD/HD. The researchers' thesis: "... many individuals with AD/HD have deficiencies in essential nutrients that compromise healthy brain development and result in AD/HD symptoms. Providing these nutrients via an appropriately prepared herbal compound thus has the potential to be therapeutic and reduce these symptoms. " Rabiner reports that the study found encouraging results, but also points out several caveats. Read the review.