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2 HOME-SCHOOLING. Read about a Canadian family's decision to home-school their fifth-grade twice-exceptional daughter, why they did it, and how they arrived at the right combination of educational methods to regain their daughter's happiness -- and not to mention, to help her lose her stress headaches. Find the article.

DISCIPLINE. How are you doing with discipline for your 2e kid? They need it, you know. Longtime advisor and practitioner for parents of 2e children Carla Crutsinger, of Brainworks, explains a "structured discipline plan" she recommends that parents put in place for children and teens. Read more.

WE SAY IT'S EAR BUDS. More teenagers suffer from at least slight hearing loss now than 10 years ago, according to a new study. An article on the study said, "Researchers could not explain why hearing loss had become more prevalent, and did not find a significant association with exposure to loud noise." But you know and we know. Read more.

BACK TO SCHOOL -- and time to read what Wrightslaw says about IEPs and advocacy. Start here.

GIFTED EDUCATION PRESS QUARTERLY. The fall issue is out, featuring, among other articles, one titled "Should Special Education Programming for Gifted Students be a Right or a Privilege?" Find GEPG.

MASLOW UPDATED. Remember Maslow's hierarchy? It ranked basic human needs, with reality TV at the top, a better car than your neighbor's next, followed by Lady Gaga, a good lawn, and successful kids down the line. Or something like that. Anyway, a team of psychologists has updated Maslow's pyramid of motivations, and replaces self-actualization (the real top of the old pyramid, not reality shows) with -- get this -- parenting. Find out more about the pyramid you thought was timeless.