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SCHOLARSHIPS FOR AD/HD, LD STUDENTS. ADDitude has published a list of scholarships for kids with AD/HD and other LDs. Find out more.
PEER PRESSURE, ADOLESCENCE, AND THE BRAIN. In a study of young people from ages 10 to 13, researchers found that development of a specific area of the brain helps adolescents resist risky behavior and peer pressure. The brain area, the ventral striatum, is associated with reward processing. Read more
BABY MEDIA may not work, says HealthDay, reporting on recent research. Babies apparently learn words from their parents, but not from the screen because they are unable to connect what's going on on-screen with real life. Read the article, and be happy with the amount of genius your baby already displays. 
TOURETTE'S, ASPERGER'S, AMERICAN IDOL. A talented contestant on "American Idol" has Asperger's and Tourette's, according to an article in USA Today. The article relates the contestant's feelings about his situation, and also briefly profiles two other young people with Tourette's. Find the article.
THE PRES ON BULLYING. At a conference on bullying, President Obama spoke of his own experience as the target (as a kid, not as President), according to the Associated Press. "With big ears and the name that I have, I wasn't immune," said the President, throwing his support behind the anti-bullying movement. Read more.
AND FINALLY, THIS. A Zits cartoon from this week highlights how applying for college is different than it used to be. Find it, and maybe be glad you're not 18 again.