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BRIDGES ACADEMY, a school for the twice-exceptional in Studio City, California, is seeking teachers and administrators for the 2011-2012 year for the following positions: curriculum specialist; science teacher for grades 5-12; technology; high school math instructor; assistant middle school teachers; robotics and engineering teacher; and administrators. Send resumes and cover letters to the head of school, Carl Sabatino, who requests "no phone inquiries, please." Find out more about bridges at

2e NEWSLETTER. The January/February issue was distributed to subscribers a few days ago; if you did not get your issue, please let us know. The issue included an article on the brain and AD/HD; a new feature called "What's Your Take?" where three professionals reacted to a 2e scenario; a profile of an adult 2e achiever; and articles about neurofeedback a life coaching for 2e children.  Not yet a subscriber? Find out more at the 2e Newsletter website.

AUTISM SPEAKS has published its "Top 10 Science Autism Research Achievements of 2010. They include advances in measuring language development; teaching joint engagement skills; discovery of pathways for autism genetics; and others.  Find out more.