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GIFTED EDUCATION AND THE BUDGET. A thoughtful and fact-filled article in the San Francisco Chronicle highlights the effect of budget-cutting on gifted education, focusing on California. The article quotes one expert as saying, "Children who could have a tremendous impact on our planet are shortchanged." Find the article.

ATTENTION RESEARCH UPDATE. David Rabiner has posted the March and April editions of his e-newsletter. The March issue covers a study noting that year-to-year in-class evaluations of a child's AD/HD may vary, due in part to teacher/classroom context. One conclusion: don't over-rely on one teacher's observations (either pro-AD/HD or con) in diagnosing. In April, Rabiner comments on a study of adults with AD/HD, all on AD/HD meds, to see how the adults perceived their own impairments.

COMPETITIONS. The 2010 Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology began on April 30. High school students may enter individually or as part of a team. The deadline for entries is October 1. Got a gifted scientist or mathematician in your house? Find more information.

$10 MILLION FOR LD RESEARCH. A Silicon Valley venture capitalist with LDs in his family has donated $10 million to the University of Southern California to help provide tutoring, counseling, technological assistance and treatment to students there with AD/HD dyslexia, and other learning difficulties. The donation will also help fund academic research. Find out more in the Los Angeles Times.

U.S. PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLARS. One hundred forty-one high school seniors have been selected as the 2010 U.S. Presidential Scholars. The students have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, artistic excellence, leadership, citizenship, service, and contribution to school and community, according to the US Department of Education. The Scholars will be honored for their accomplishments in Washington D.C., from June 19-22. Read a
press release. Or, see if any high-achieving kids you know made the cut on the list of honorees.

GENDER AND ACHIEVEMENT. Washington Post columnist Jay Mathews says he used to think that boys' relative underachievement compared to girls meant only that girls were catching up. Lately, he reports, he read a book called Why Boys Fail, by Richard Whitmire, that caused him to change his mind. Find out why.

UNWRAPPING THE GIFTED. Tamara Fisher previews some "great summer learning opportunities" for educators, including Edufest, Confratute, The Hormel Symposium, and the Conference on the Autonomous Learner Model for the Gifted. Find her blog.

EDNEWS.ORG. Michael Shaughnessy interviews Don M. Winn, author of The Incredible Martin O'Shea, a very intelligent young boy who might have learning challenges. Shaughnessy, who says he suffered from dyslexia as a child, calls the book "profound." Read the interview.

SUMMER CAMP.Dr. Susan Daniels and Dr. Dan Peters will host Camp Summit for the Gifted, Talented, and Creative in Marin Headlands, California, from July 11th to the 17th. The two organizers say that the camp
was “created especially for developing the ‘inner and outer nature’ of gifted youth, and is intended to give gifted children ages 9-14 a positive residential camp experience. While not exclusively designed for twice-exceptional children, they are welcome.” (Parents are encouraged to raise 2e issues in advance to ensure that the camp is a good fit for their child.) Find out more.