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DYSLEXIC HUMOR? The comic strip xkcd gave us pause the other day with a one-panel joke that had us not understanding the joke for awhile, then wondering whether a dyslexic would find the strip funny. See for yourself.

EDUTOPIA's current issue offers its "Top 5 Educational Videos." They include an interview with Howard Gardner on (what else) multiple intelligences, how to teach math as a social activity (?), and an introduction to project learning. Find the list

VERMONT PUBLIC RADIO aired a program called "Meeting The Needs Of Gifted & Talented Children," which inspired some lengthy commentary from listeners at the station's site. At least one listener noted that gifted children can also have deficits in one or more area. Go to the site to listen to the program or see the commentary.

SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. This is about obsessing on songs. You know what we mean -- when a song gets into your head and ungraciously refuses to leave. Some people call this "earworms." At any rate, a PhD student at the University of Montreal decided to research the phenomenon. She found which pop songs (in French-speaking Montreal) were most likely to become earworms. And she discovered the conditions under which earworms are most likely to occur -- "when subjects are usually in a positive emotional state and keeping busy with non-intellectual activities such as walking, which requires little concentration." Read more