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TRAINS AND AUTISM. The New York Times explored the fascination that many kids on the spectrum have for trains. In particular, the New York Transit Museum is using this fascination to develop kid-friendly programs that allows kids to "connect with other people -- and the world." Anyone who knows an Aspie will probably find something to smile at in this article. Find it.

MULTITASKING AND AUTISM. A recent study suggests that young people with ASD find multitasking difficult. The reason? In performing a series of tasks, they apparently adhere rigidly to the order in which they were given the tasks.  Read more.

AD/HD THROUGH THE SCHOOL YEARS. An article in the Los Angeles Times examines how the challenges of AD/HD become apparent at the beginning of each school year, and how in later years kids might reach the breaking point, unable to cope or develop compensatory strategies. The article also points out,  however, that with earlier introduction of rules and structure even before kindergarten kids are being labeled at ages 3, 4, and 5. Find the article. 

FAMILY HAPPINESS AND THE OVERBOOKED CHILD is the title of an article on parental sacrifice for kids' activities -- and whether that sacrifice is necessarily good.  Besides financial and physical exhaustion,, there is apparently no evidence that lots of activities lead to later academic success, at least. Read more.

AND FINALLY, THIS. If worrying about whether you're giving your child the right amount of enrichment activity isn't enough, here's more fodder. A survey of adults on health concerns for children yielded this ranking for the top five concerns: childhood obesity, drug abuse, smoking, teen pregnancy, and bullying. Need even more to worry about? The next five concerns were Internet safety, stress, alcohol abuse, driving accidents, and sexting. So there -- take your pick and start worrying. Find the survey.