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In the absence of any real, substantive news today on giftedness, LDs, parenting, education, or child development, we offer lighter fare. Hopefully, more substance tomorrow.
FROM OUR PAST, a kid with a need to know.
DS2.5, responding to a request from his mother: Why?
MOTHER: Just in case.
DS: Don't give me that "just in case" stuff.
AUDITORY PROCESSING ANOMALY. Paul Simon once wrote, "A man hears what he wants to hear/And disregards the rest." Go to the homepage of the comic "Baby Blues" and check out the April 4th offering for their version of Simon's line. 
AND FINALLY, THIS. A company called Story People has a knack for generating brief, often poignant, little passages that can hit home, accompanied by a graphic interpretation. Some deal with parenting, like today's.