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THE GOVERNOR'S RACE IN CONNECTICUT is a win-win situation in one respect; no matter which candidate is elected, Republican or Democratic, the outcome will change perceptions of disabilities. The Democratic candidate is dyslexic, and according to an article in the Norwich Bulletin was labeled mentally retarded as a child. The Republican candidate has a form of facial paralysis, which he does not consider a disability but which he says has increased his awareness of the effects of disability. Read the article.
SENG WEBINAR. The next webinar from the organization Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted is titled "Existential Depression in Gifted Children and Adults," and will be presented on November 18th  by James T. Webb, SENG's founder and head of Great Potential Press. Find out more.
DYSLEXIA-FRIENDLY READING PROGRAM. An Arizona school district intends to reduce the number of students in special-ed programs by using a "dyslexia-friendly" phonics-based reading curriculum. The twist? All students are taught using the curriculum. Find out more.
EARLY INTERVENTION IN AUTISM. The New York Times described the adaptation of an autism therapy originally designed for toddlers to be applied to infants as young as six months. The intent: to intervene as early as possible, preventing off-course development that prevents the infant from learning to read faces and learning emotional cues. "Infant Start" is a pilot program, hampered by the lack of a formal diagnosis for autism before age 2; but it could lead the way to more formal, randomized trials. Read the article.
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