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NEUROFEEDBACK. "The procedure is controversial, expensive and time-consuming. An average course of treatment, with at least 30 sessions, can cost $3,000 or more, and few health insurers will pay for it. Still, it appears to be growing in popularity." So says a New York Times article about neurofeedback, which has been used to try to address conditions such as AD/HD, autism, depression, and anxiety. The article describes how it works, some personal examples, and the pros and cons of the procedure. Find the article
NEW AD/HD TREATMENT. The US FDA has just approved the use of a new drug, KAPVAY, for treatment of AD/HD in children 6-17. The non-stimulant drug is commonly used to reduce blood pressure in adults. The formulation approved is extended release and is intended for add-on therapy or monotherapy. Find a press release
SEEMS LIKE A NO-BRAINER TO US. A panel of experts proposes training teacher candidates more about child development, according to an article in Education Week. "Developmental science consists of the science underpinning the biological, emotional, ethical, linguistic, psychological, and social development of children and adolescents, and how those fields interact. It also incorporates cognitive science—how children learn to think and process information." Read the article.  
NEW CLINICAL GUIDELINES FOR DEPRESSION. According to PsychCentral, the American Psychiatric Association has released new clinical guidelines for treating patients with major depressive disorder. The editor of the site doesn't seem to think much of the guidelines, but if you've got a 2e child at risk for depression, check out the article.
HOW HEALTHILY DOES YOUR CHILD EAT? Hopefully, better than the typical US child, who now gets 40 percent of their calories from solid fat and sugars. This from the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. Read more.
HOMESCHOOLING THAT GIFTED CHILD? Check out the latest issue of the newsletter from The Gifted Homeschoolers Forum (GHF). Included is an answer to a reader's question: Can my child have learning difficulties and still be gifted? (You know the answer.) Find the newsletter.
STEM RESOURCE. The National Network of Digital Schools has announced the launch of, a new forum website designed to spark interest in and prepare today's students for careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM Planet will feature regular blog posts by experts working in STEM fields, forums where students and experts can engage in an ongoing dialogue, and STEM-related activities that students can conduct, discuss, and learn from.