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2e NETWORK IN LOS ANGELES. A couple of our readers in the Los Angeles area who have twice-exceptional children have, because of their struggle with the area schools to obtain services, formed an email support group called 2e Network, with a Yahoo group called If you'd like to contact the parents directly, please let us know and we'll forward your email address to them.

VIDEO GAMES AND YOUR CHILD. Here's a recent notice from the American Academy of Pediatrics on the topic: Television viewing has been associated with attention problems in children. A new study, “Television and Video Game Exposure and the Development of Attention Problems,” published in the August print issue of Pediatrics (published online July 5), found a similar effect for video games. Researchers assessed 1,323 children in third, fourth and fifth grades over 13 months, using reports from the parents and children about their video game and television habits, as well as teacher reports of attention problems. Another group of 210 college students provided self-reports of television habits, video game exposure and attention problems. Researchers found children who exceeded the 2 hours per day of screen time recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics were 1.5 to 2 times more likely to be above average in attention problems. Furthermore, early adults showed a similar association, suggesting that early video game exposure may have lasting consequences. Read or download the article... for free! (Thanks, AAP.)

BUT NOT OUR CHILDREN, OF COURSE. The New York Times carried an article about college cheating, and we were surprised not only by the high-tech ways in which students try to cheat but also by the prevalence -- 61 percent of students surveyed admitted cheating on assignments or exams, a figure that made us suddenly feel old-fashioned... or just old. Colleges are fighting back with high-tech methods, although some still prefer "honor." Read the article.

GIFTED PROGRAM TESTING AT 3... That refers to test subjects who three years old, which is what is happening in New York City as parents try to get their children into gifted programs. The item generated some debate, which you can read here.

GIFTED AND MATH CHALLENGED? We stumbled on a site called "The Dyscalculia Forum" where a discussion is in progress about how it feels to be gifted and to have dyscalculia. Find it.

WHAT'S YOUR STAND ON FOOD DYES? One of the partners here at 2e Newsletter forward us an item noting that the Center for Science in the Public Interest recommends banning chemical dyes used as food coloring because of "serious health risks." The news item also mentions the effects on children. In the email containing the link to the item, our partner asked, "Haven’t parents been saying this for a long time?" Yup. Read more.