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HAPPY SUMMER to those of you in the Northern hemisphere. Happy winter to our friends in Australia and New Zealand.

THE GIFTED RESOURCES NEWSLETTER, from Jo Freitag, has appeared in its June incarnation. On pages 9-11 of the newsletter Jo lists "Some Interesting Websites," as she usually does, and this eclectic list includes a pointers to a 10-page article by Jim Delisle titled "Understand What Giftedness Is... And What It Is Not"; to an AEGUS list of suggested reading; and to an article on highly sensitive persons. If you feel like exploring, check out Jo's list.

TIMED TESTS. Twice-exceptional students often process more slowly than their gifted counterparts, which can hurt their scores on timed tests, especially highly important tests such as the ACT and SAT. In a column called "The Answer Sheet," a Washington Post education writer lays out the arguments for not timing the ACT and SAT. If you've tried to get exceptions to the requirement, or anticipate having to do so, read the column.

IS YOUR CHILD 2e? Brainworks, in Carrollton, Texas, has an online screening tool to help you decide whether your child might be twice-exceptional. Find the tool.

GROWTH ON AD/HD MEDS. A study suggests that stimulant meds for AD/HD do not have a long-term effect on height and weight of the children taking them. Find out more.

AUTISTIC ACHIEVER. A young man whose parents were told that he would likely wind up in an institution gave the commencement speech at his high school in Smithfield, Rhode Island. He was salutatorian of his class and will go on to Rhode Island College in the fall. Find out more.

CELEBRITY STATUS. 2e Newsletter publishers Linda Neumann and Mark Bade were interviewed for the current issue of NAGC's publication Parenting for High Potential. You can read the interview if you're a member of NAGC or know someone who will loan you the issue. The issue also contains an article titled "The Case Law on Dually Exceptional Children," which sounds good but which we haven't read yet because we wanted to see our interview first.