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GIFTED AND ACHIEVING. An article published by MSNBC highlights winners of 2010 Rhodes Scholarships, announced Sunday. From 805 applicants, 32 scholarships were awarded for up to three years of study at the University of Oxford in England. The article says the scholarships "are awarded for attributes that include high academic achievement, personal integrity, leadership potential and physical vigor." Find out more about some of the winners. And read another article, this one in the Washington Post, about the scholars and what they tend to do after Oxford.

THERAPIES FOR AUTISM. The Chicago Tribune ran an article on the front page of its November 22nd Sunday paper about autism treatments. The headline and subhead give the paper's take on the topic and foreshadow the content of the article -- "Autism treatments: Risky alternative therapies have little basis in science" and "Alternative therapies amount to uncontrolled experimentation on children, investigation finds." Among the treatments covered by the article are chelation therapy, vitamin therapy, and hyperbaric chambers. The Tribune also contends that certain lab tests -- for example, on levels of toxic metals -- can be misleading. Read the article.

WRIGHTSLAW. Special Ed Advocate for the week of November 22nd offered this invitation: "
learn how parents, as participants in developing their child’s IEP, benefit by having input into the instructional methods used to teach their children." Find the newsletter.

LIKE PASTA? LOVE A TEACHER? Enter the restaurant chain Olive Garden's "Pasta Tales" contest where students write essays about a teacher who has inspired them in school and how the teacher has affected their lives. Prizes include savings bonds and -- naturally -- dinners at Olive Garden restaurants. If there's a teacher who your gifted or GT/LD learner admires, find out more.