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PERIPATETIC MOONEY. If you enjoy reading about the tireless Jonathan Mooney's presentations to groups across the country, here's another one for you. Find the reportage in The Daily News Online from Washington state.

IF YOU LOVE TO HATE NCLB, an opinion piece in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune will raise your blood pressure. The article reiterates the lack of support in NCLB for gifted students and makes the case that the achievement gap "is being narrowed by the wholesale neglect of our gifted students." Read more.

TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY has gotten lots of press lately; today, for example, The New York Times wrote about the devastating effects of TBI not only on professional football players but on contact-sport competitors at all levels. Michael Shaughnessey of recently interviewed the producer of a set of DVDs on the topic, one of which is entitled "Traumatic Brain Injury in Young Children." If TBI is an issue of concern at your house or on your playground, you might want to check out the interview.

YOUR GIFTED, AD/HD CHILD, THE CRIMINAL? HealthDay reports on a study that indicates that children with AD/HD are more likely than other children to engage in criminal activity as adults. You probably don't want to read about this, but if you do, go here.

WRIGHTSLAW provides a second batch of information about tests and evaluations useful to parents of children with LDs. This issue of the Special Ed Advocate focuses on psychological and educational achievement test scores. Read it.

TOO COOL NOT TO SHARE. This news item has nothing to do with giftedness or education or child development. Science Daily reported on a study indicating that "Young men who voted for Republican John McCain or Libertarian candidate Robert Barr in the 2008 presidential election suffered an immediate drop in testosterone when the election results were announced." The effect didn't apply to young men who voted for Obama. The conclusion? "Voters are physiologically affected by having their candidate win or lose an election." Read more and ponder.