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HELP FOR GIFTED KIDS AND THEIR PARENTS. That's the title of an interview Michael Shaughnessy of conducted with Michelle Eckstein, a Colorado parent who immersed herself in gifted education and then obtained a Masters Degree in Education. Ms Eckstein is involved with gifted education in her school district and runs a blog ( on gifted education and a website (http://giftedkidsnetwork), a technology-focused "variety of educational consulting services designed to support the academic, intellectual, social and emotional needs of gifted students." Read the interview.

FROM WRIGHTSLAW. The August 12th edition of Special Ed Advocate concluded the Wrightslaw online "Summer School for Parents." The assignment: learning to write SMART goals and objectives for an IEP. If you've got a gifted kid with an IEP, check out Special Ed Advocate and Wrightslaw.

ATTENTION RESEARCH UPDATE. In his August newsletter, David Rabiner reports encouraging data from a study he and a colleague recently completed on the adjustment of college students with AD/HD. Also included in the newsletter: a reprint of an article from a prior issue on the transition to college for students with AD/HD. Worried about your gifted and AD/HD college kid? Check it out. (Note: Be patient; the newsletter is often not posted until a week or two after it's emailed.)

FROM THE DAVIDSON INSTITUTE. The Institute's eNews-Update for August featured the announcement of the 2008 Davidson Fellows; a note about the Bellin-Blank Center's work on the relationship between giftedness and autism; more on the Fordham Institute report contending that top pupils now "languish" academically; and a variety of capsule reports on legislative action of interest to the gifted community. If you read this blog and find it relevant to your life and/or work, we really believe you should also subscribe to the Davidson Institute eNews-Update. Trust us.